11 Agustus 2011

Australia Gets Acer's Ultrabook on September 07

Harga Acer's Ultrabook - Tablets may have managed to put a dent in the notebook market, but companies are countering the phenomenon with the Ultrabook initiative, one that might yield a palpable result next month, Courtesy of Acer.

The Ultrabook is a sort of product that Intel came up with as a sort of response to the rapidly growing tablet industry.

Australia Gets Acer's Ultrabook on September 07

Essentially, the idea is for a notebook to be so thin that, even closed, it rivals, if not exceeds, slates in thinness while not giving up the advantages of a physical keyboard.

There was, unfortunately, a certain rumor, some time back, that raised a fairly important question, that of affordability.

Basically, Ultrabooks were expected to cost well over $1,000, which more or less defeated the purpose of them competing with slates that sell for $500 and even less.

Fortunately, more recent reports made it known that just the components of one can be bought for $475, so the final prices should be manageable.

Now, yet another report has piped up, courtesy of the folks over at Gizmodo, who say that all will become more or less clear next month.

More specifically, word is out that Acer will deliver its Ultrabook to Australia in September, on the seventh, though whether or not said Ultrabook is the Aspire 3951 (more closely looked at here) was left unsaid.

Either way, an Intel Sandy Bridge central processing unit will lie at the heart of it all, paired with a solid state drive and whatever other features Acer can cram into such a thin package.

Verily, so far, no exact specification outline was given for Ultrabooks in general, understandable considering that most are still in development stage.

Fortunately, Intel just announced a solid investment in the laptop type (one of $300 million) so it is a sure thing that whatever Acer brings out will not be along for long.

[via - news.softpedia.com]