25 Agustus 2011

People from myriad backgrounds throng Ramlila ground

Kocim - From a eunuch who wants to offer a glass of juice to Anna Hazare when he decides to break his fast to a sadhu from Uttar Pradesh taking a samadhi at Ramlila Maidan, the ongoing anti-graft protest at the ground has seen people from myriad backgrounds thronging the venue.

A sadhu from Jalaun in Uttar Pradesh dressed in loincloth started his samadhi on Thursday getting instant attention from the media and visitors alike.

As soon as the sadhu -- Pagal Das Baba -- arrived at the venue he sat in a Padmasana (yogic posture) and spread all his paraphernalia around him.

Asked why he came on the tenth day of the fast, Pagal Das Baba said, "We are sadhus. We keep roaming across the country. I came to know that an old sadhu (Anna) is sitting here on fast for a good cause. We are here to support him."

Another striking feature was the visit of a group of eunuchs who have com to meet Anna.

These eunuchs led by Bobby Kumari came to the Ramlila Maidan under the umbrella of Hindu Yuva Samaj Ekta Aur Atankwad Samiti and said that his demands should be immediately met.

"If given an opportunity I will present a glass of juice to Anna with my own hands. Our group is taking out processions in colonies to spread the message of Anna among people," Kumari said.

Apart from this group, another eunuch who came from Noida and was holding a fast at the marquee, said, "The government should immediately pay heed to his demands. Every section of society is here."

Comedian Raju Srivastava, singer Manoj Tiwari and RTI activist SC Agarwal also visited the ground to express solidarity with Anna.

[via - Hindustantimes]