24 Februari 2011

Hair laser removal Washington DC

Hair laser removal Washington DC
Everyone likes to have a beautiful body. A smooth and glowing skin is always a treat to watch. And if you long to have such a look, lot of beautification therapies are available in market. The first step in such a treatment is obviously, getting rid of unwanted hairs on your body. Hair laser removal is one of the very effective remedies for hair removal. Unwanted hairs from upper lip, chin, legs, underarms, bikini area, chest, neck, etc. can be very effectively removed by this technique.

Several specialists are available in professional centers of Washington DC to carry out such therapies. It is very important to understand that each person has a different skin type and the treatment varies accordingly. In a typical laser hair removal technique, the dermatologist moves the laser beam over the targeted area. The hair follicle absorbs the light from the laser beam. As the follicles are subjected to more light, they die and hence the hair growth is automatically stopped. The treatment has shown excellent results for all complexions. Also, it works equally well on men and women.

The problem of ingrown hairs can be solved by Laser hair removal . Laser hair removal directly targets the root cause of the problem and hence came up as the most effective technique for removing ingrown hairs. But a word of caution, the therapy is not suitable for all. Hence it is always better to take expert advice before undergoing any such treatment. The treatment takes several sessions before you can see the actual results. On the negative side, the treatment has its own side effects as well.

The typical side effects include redness and swollen skin at the targeted area. Generally ice packs and anti inflammatory drugs work well in case of such side effects. In some cases, the side effects can be even severe. The worst cases have shown brown or white patches, blistering of skin or severe peeling. But it was seen in very few cases. In case of such symptoms, one should immediately consult the doctor. As far as the cost of such treatment is concerned, it varies in each case. The cost typically changes with skin type. Also, every specialist has his own criterion while deciding his fees.


Laser hair removal technique goes a long way in beautifying your skin. Numbers of specialists are available in Washington DC who carrying out such treatment. The treatment varies with every skin type. Typical hair removal technique includes targeting laser beam on the desired area. It works equally well for men and women. The treatment can work well for ingrown hairs as well. It is important to be aware of the side effects emerging out of this technique.

Side effects may include redness, swollen skin, brown or white patches, blistering of skin or severe peeling. The side effects can be treated with ice packs or anti inflammatory drugs. If the symptoms persist, one must consult the specialist. So, it is a good idea to get laser hair removal technique done but not before consulting the specialist and deciding the right treatment for your skin type.