20 Juni 2011

Price & Specifications Nexian Cappucino Newest Touchscreen Mobile

Price & Specifications Nexian Cappucino Newest Touchscreen MobileKocim news - The era of touchscreen phones have been started and gradually the public interest against the QWERTY keyboard is starting to fade. Almost all vendors are vying to release a touchscreen phone with a variety of shapes and models. The phone is affordable of course be shooting most of mobile phone users homeland.
Nexian, one of the local mobile phone vendors are inflated his name through a mobile-phone-based Esia, has a strong sense of public interest against the touchscreen mobile phone. They also target shooting unsparing; ranging from teenagers to professionals!

“We believe the lovers of tech touch-screen handset is very much in Indonesia, ranging from teenagers to the elderly. Therefore, we launched a targeted touch-screen phone for these circles, for example Nexian Cappuccino NX-G869 for young people, “said Martono Jaya Kusuma, CEO of Mobile Group, on Wednesday (06/08/2011) as perched quotes from website techno.okezone.com
Cappucino Nexian NX-G869 is a touchscreen with a bar design that carries a 3.2-inch resistive and capable of producing up to 256K colors. The screen is quite relieved that provide visual comfort to the user to watch videos, play games or browsing through social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, which is currently being loved ranging from children to parents.
To be able to connect to the internet, Nexian Cappucino EDGE channel is equipped with a more advanced level than GRPS. As an alternative connection, users can take advantage of Wi-Fi connection to access the Internet through the hotspot is widely spread in cafes, schools, airport and the Mall.
Nexian Cappucino
For business photographing, phones are still a family with Snap Nexian Nexian Champion and has been equipped with a 2MP camera with autofocus and LED flash minus. Photographing in low light conditions is step wise enough to avoid image noise and color distortion from overload. The ability to record VGA-quality video can also be enabled through this phone.
It is unknown how much internal memory, microSD card support up to how many GB of RAM, processor, operating system and battery capacity. This is the Nexian dikarena not provide a fairly complete specification of this phone. And unfortunately again, ane not had a chance to try out this phone because there is no stock in, sob. But not why, from the description written here, at least a few more visitors to know what are the advantages and disadvantages nokia cappuccino
The presence of Nexian features Digital Sound (NDS) with SRS Technology makes the audio output on this phone feels different. The sound is loud and clear and provided a variety of effects that can make your dikonstumisasi will linger at home listening to favorite music.

For information Nexian Digital Sound (NDS) is the newest feature of Nexian. Through this feature the resulting sound was more powerful and so the effect sorround echoing effect. By enabling this feature, listening to music or watching videos seemed to be in the cinema room. Available a variety of effects on these features such as Bass, Treble, Blue, Classical, Hip Hop, Jazz and Voice. To select the NDS effects go into the menu Music> Options> Nexian Digital Sound, and then specify your choice of effects according to taste.

Main Specifications Nexian Cappucino
* Network: GSM 900/1800MHz Dual
* Data transfer: GPRS / EDGE, Wi-Fi
* Browser: Opera Mini
* Screen: 3.2-inch WVGA LCD Touchscreen resistive
* Camera: 2 MP Camera, video recorder
* Connectivity: Bluetooth with A2DP, WiFi, 3.5mm Audio Jack, data cable
* Entertainment: FM Radio, MP3, 3GP
* External Memory: microSD / T-flash slot
* Nexian Touch Series
* Other Features: Samsung Messenger, Nexian Zone, Social Media, WAP / xHTML, Yahoo Messenger, MSN, Skype, Yahoo Mobile, Java Games, Nexian Digital Sound with SRS Technology, Google Map, trackpad navigation, My Widgets, etc..
* Language: Bahasa Indonesia – Indonesian
* 12 months Warranty

Price Nexian Cappucino

With a variety of features owned by Nexian G869, it’s worth when the phone is priced at USD 75 is entered in your shopping list. Besides low cost, diverse applications can simplify your mobile activities daily. Buy Nexian Cappucino? Who’s afraid!