10 Juli 2011

Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez share ‘I Love You’

Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez share ‘I Love You’Kocim news - Despite their public stance on its relationship with the media, there is no question that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are made and are deeply in love. As if Hawaii was filled with photos and Bieber PDA at Gomez with her parents to Canada to meet not a good indicator that there is no news that the two common words in public - ". I love you" Bieber is the person who The first would be to get blirted.

The exchange took place, when it appeared in New York at the Armani Exchange on 51st Fifth Avenue and bought on Tuesday. A source said HollywoodLife.com that "Justin and Selena held hands as they shopped and said:". I love you "to each other not once but several times in public, they could hear each I guess they want their love with. share of the world. They were in the store at 5:30 clock and stayed about 20 minutes or so. "

A few days before Gomez was in a shopping mall to promote her new film Monte Carlo to see, and at least one dog tag Bieber had the initials "JB" inscribed in them, they would have given even by Bieber. Bieber, however, tried to publicly distance himself from his heart, as Gomez is the young female audience furiously against him is connected with everyone. Talk to a local television program New Zealnd, Bieber said he was "out of round" and said that Gomez just "one of [his] best friends." He added: "I think it's an important thing in my life and to have built a kind of personal life."

[via - justinbiebergasm]