09 April 2011

Environment law revisions gets House endorsement

Kocim news - HELENA, Mont. (AP) — The House is backing a revision of Montana's environmental laws that will likely head to the governor's desk.

Senate Bill 233 carried by Sen. Jim Keane aims at making it easier for energy companies and others to get permits under the state's environmental protection act.
Supporters say the bill is a way to boost jobs by reforming laws that tie up business development in lawsuits.

Opponents say the measure endangers Montana's ecosystem by letting businesses bypass the environmental laws. They say it is a step toward repealing the protections.
The bill has cleared the Senate and likely will head to Gov. Brian Schweitzer's desk after passing another typically procedural vote in the House.

Another highly publicized measure to alter the state's environmental laws was tabled in a House committee Thursday.

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