19 Juni 2011

Teens Convicted Thief song Lady Gaga

Teens Convicted Thief song Lady Gaga
Kocim news - Duisburg: A 18-year-old hacker who stole a song from a number of artists, including Lady Gaga, sentenced to confinement for 18 months in Germany. The court listened to how the teenager who called himself DJ Stolen money it received more than 15,000 euros in a manner that violates copyright laws and steal personal information a number of famous singers.

That hackers using phishing e-mail messages or fishing and Trojan virus software to steal the songs that have not been released and then sell it on the internet. Antipembajakan teams in Germany and the UK see more and more number of songs not yet released a leaked much earlier than usual.

He once stole the song artist like Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake, Leona Lewis, Kesha, and Mariah Carey from 2009 to 2010. The teenager, who in court called Deniz A because of his young age, also found guilty of stealing personal photographs from the computer Kesha nasty.

Courts in the City of Duisburg, Germany, also heard that the teenager wrote a letter of apology to Lady Gaga, published in German newspaper Bild Daily as saying: "Lady Gaga is good, I am ashamed of what I did. I do not think in advance about consequences. "

The judge considered that the teenager was driven more by a desire for recognition rather than by malice. The young man was also ordered to receive treatment for Internet addiction. (BBC Indonesia / ADO)

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